Friday, January 29, 2010

Lazy, lazy, lazy

I clearly have been too lazy for this, but I thought I would give it another try.....I went shopping last night and had another of what has been a string of great shopping trips. I got a bunch of stuff that I most likely would not have bought if it wasn't super cheap, or free. I have a few more trips this weekend planned for cheap cheese, pop and chips. I know...super healthy, but it is stuff that is nice to have - especially when it wouldn't normally be in the budget really.

I went to Safeway and did two trips.

First: $2.54

I bought :

4 Hamburger Helper - $6.00 - used 2 $1 off 2 stickers, 4 .50 off Safeway coupons (from a book in the store...make it at home, or something like that) and $2.25 in e-coupons = -.25

Cheese Nips $1.99- used $1 off from SW coupon book, and $1 off from Newspaper = -.01

Lucky Charms - $2.00 - used $1 off printable and $1.10 off ecoupons = -.10

2 Pillsbury Pizza Dough - $6.98 used $1 SW coupons, $1 printable, and $3.40 in ecoupons = $1.58

2 Pillsbury Cinnamon Roll - $ 4.98 used $1 SW coupon, $1 printable, and $3 in e-coupons = -.02

2 Pillsbury Biscuits - $3.98 - used $1 SW coupon, $1 printable, and $.90 e-coupons = $1.08

And then I got back a $4 catalina for the 6 pillsbury products so I made about $1.50!

Then I did another transaction and Spent $4.24:

The Lucky Charms, Pillsbury, and Hamburger Helper were the exact same as before , so they cost $2.29.....

The Trix were $2, and I had a $1 coupon and a .55 e-coupon, so =.45

The Ronzoni was .75 a box, no coupons = 1.50

Taco seasoning 2 for $1, = $1

Ritz was $2.50, -$1 SW coupon, and $1 insert coupon = .50

Frosting was $1.79 - $1.50 e-coupons (I thought there was one more...oops) = .29

The creamer was .10...supposed to be free with a free coupon from facebook, but she put it in wrong = .10

and this is the best. Seriously, take note. The 5 lb chub of hamburger is $2.99 all week. I went crazy last week and bought 4 when they were $4.95 because I thought it was a great deal. Um, no. $2.99 is a great deal. 59 cents a pound! I broke mine into three or four sections so I have some frozen bags with different amounts of hamburger in them. And this is what we will be eating for a while. Hamburger. It is 80/20, but hello, you can drain the fat off and it is still light years cheaper than the leaner stuff. These are usually $12.95 a pound. So, crazy. I will be buying as much as I can fit in my freezer because you really can't beat it. Thank you, random lady at Safeway who pointed this gem out to me.

Anyways, I paid with my first $4 catalina and another $1.50 catalina I got last week and it was $4.24.

All told, I spent $6.78, but still have a $4 catalina, so all of this was cheaper than the crazy cheap hamburger!!


  1. The chip and pop deal is that the 99 cent doritoes and then the 7.99 deal with tostitos and pepsi? Just wondering if I have missed anything....

  2. The Doritos are .99, and you can buy 5. The Pepsi deal is 3 pepsi products and a bag of Tostitos for 7.99, so they are separate. I was going to do both, but I think I might stick to the Doritos.

    Also, sorry for not texting you today! I got completely caught up in what I was doing.