Friday, January 29, 2010

Lazy, lazy, lazy

I clearly have been too lazy for this, but I thought I would give it another try.....I went shopping last night and had another of what has been a string of great shopping trips. I got a bunch of stuff that I most likely would not have bought if it wasn't super cheap, or free. I have a few more trips this weekend planned for cheap cheese, pop and chips. I know...super healthy, but it is stuff that is nice to have - especially when it wouldn't normally be in the budget really.

I went to Safeway and did two trips.

First: $2.54

I bought :

4 Hamburger Helper - $6.00 - used 2 $1 off 2 stickers, 4 .50 off Safeway coupons (from a book in the store...make it at home, or something like that) and $2.25 in e-coupons = -.25

Cheese Nips $1.99- used $1 off from SW coupon book, and $1 off from Newspaper = -.01

Lucky Charms - $2.00 - used $1 off printable and $1.10 off ecoupons = -.10

2 Pillsbury Pizza Dough - $6.98 used $1 SW coupons, $1 printable, and $3.40 in ecoupons = $1.58

2 Pillsbury Cinnamon Roll - $ 4.98 used $1 SW coupon, $1 printable, and $3 in e-coupons = -.02

2 Pillsbury Biscuits - $3.98 - used $1 SW coupon, $1 printable, and $.90 e-coupons = $1.08

And then I got back a $4 catalina for the 6 pillsbury products so I made about $1.50!

Then I did another transaction and Spent $4.24:

The Lucky Charms, Pillsbury, and Hamburger Helper were the exact same as before , so they cost $2.29.....

The Trix were $2, and I had a $1 coupon and a .55 e-coupon, so =.45

The Ronzoni was .75 a box, no coupons = 1.50

Taco seasoning 2 for $1, = $1

Ritz was $2.50, -$1 SW coupon, and $1 insert coupon = .50

Frosting was $1.79 - $1.50 e-coupons (I thought there was one more...oops) = .29

The creamer was .10...supposed to be free with a free coupon from facebook, but she put it in wrong = .10

and this is the best. Seriously, take note. The 5 lb chub of hamburger is $2.99 all week. I went crazy last week and bought 4 when they were $4.95 because I thought it was a great deal. Um, no. $2.99 is a great deal. 59 cents a pound! I broke mine into three or four sections so I have some frozen bags with different amounts of hamburger in them. And this is what we will be eating for a while. Hamburger. It is 80/20, but hello, you can drain the fat off and it is still light years cheaper than the leaner stuff. These are usually $12.95 a pound. So, crazy. I will be buying as much as I can fit in my freezer because you really can't beat it. Thank you, random lady at Safeway who pointed this gem out to me.

Anyways, I paid with my first $4 catalina and another $1.50 catalina I got last week and it was $4.24.

All told, I spent $6.78, but still have a $4 catalina, so all of this was cheaper than the crazy cheap hamburger!!