Sunday, October 4, 2009

Good deals at Target this week

Target has a few good deals -

Buy 5 Mott's apple juice (64 oz) or apple sauce and get a $5 gift card. So, if you buy 5, you will pay .75 a piece if you factor in the gift card. If you want more, you could use the gift card to buy more. I will probably do this since we are already going to Target today and I am out of juice!

Right Guard $1.99 there are $1/2 coupons for an August paper, or $1 off fast break (right Jenn? now you can stock up!) The fast break might not be included though. I will check when I go today!

Quaker granola bars are $2
use $1/2 from, and .50 off (Target coupon) from
pay $1 a box

Snuggle Fabric softener or dryer sheets $3.99
There MIGHT be a $3 off coupon in todays paper...again I am checking. $.99 is a great price!

Axe Shower Gel is $3.29
use $1.50 off from and it is $1.79

Skippy peanut butter is priced around $2.00
use .75 off from todays paper and 1.00 off (Target coupon) from
to pay around .25 a jar

Jenn, I feel like this week at Target was made for you!


  1. Hey, where are the coupons in the paper? Are they in one of the inserts? I just looked through and couldn't find any for peanut butter and the snuggle fabric softener.

  2. They were in the insert that said Red Plum.....sometimes it isn't in the Seattle Times? I get a copy of it in the mail around Wednesday