Friday, October 2, 2009

Safway-no picture. Whoops.

So I stopped by Safeway yesterday, but didn't get a picture....I was too busy getting ready for the Mariner's game! (thanks Jenn :)

First I bought 7 more Joint Juice, which I used my $5 off coupon from last time, and the $3 catalina from the Kleenex so I paid $3.50

I got a new $10 catalina and used it to buy 2 steaks, a pack of chicken leg quarters, 3 more boxes of Kleenex, a case of water and my .25 cent artisan bread (from the facebook coupon). I paid a little over a dollar and got another $3 catalina.

So I paid $5.

My budget for this month is $160 for all food and toiletries.
So far I have spent $29, so I have $131 left!

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