Monday, October 5, 2009

Target and Fred Meyer

I may have already said this, but Sundays during football season tend to be a big snore fest for me, hence the grocery shopping.

I was already at Target looking for a backpack for Naomi, so I did the Mott's apple juice deal. It was $8.75, and then I got back a $5 gift card which I used to buy the stuff for her that I was already going to get anyways! So, I spent $3.75

Then, at Fred Meyer I first bought another Glade Sense and Spray to see if the catalina was still working, which it wasn't. So that was a wasted .92

Next, I bought 4 packages of Land O Frost lunchmeat. It is 2 for $3 with the FM extra savings book (in the front of the store). They had .45 off stickers on them, so it was $4.20 for the four.

1 loaf of Country Oven bread $1.25
2 Taco mix $1.00
1 Mission Tortilla $1.99 (I was going to make tacos last night, but didn't!)
2.5 pounds Fuji Apples 1.75
3 bottles of Nature's Source cleaner 2.50 a piece. They had had $1 off on them. I will send my reciept in for a $5 rebate, which I will post later. As soon as I mail it, I am going to post $5 back to my budget this month
2 Cottage Cheese $2.00
1 Sour Cream $1.00 (I am glad I bought these because I am going to use the rest of our ham to make Mac and Cheese tonight!)
I spent $19, so my new balance is $89

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