Sunday, October 4, 2009

Shopping at Safeway really irked me.

I went to Safeway yesterday morning, and I was just picking up a few things (mostly stuff Randy wanted for oatmeal). However, I saw a bunch of stuff marked down so I came home and gathered some coupons together, but the store was being difficult so I didn't really get everything. Lame. (P.S., apparently Safeway will not take a coupon over what the price is...even though they have before. And they will not lower the coupon so you can get the item. You are just SOL.)

So first I bought:

Raisins (for the oatmeal) $2.50
2 Gallons Milk $3.98 (they are $2.99 each, or $1.99 if you buy 2....)
5.5 lbs hamburger $8.00 (it is $1.49 a pound through today!!)
1 Kraft singles $1.49 (minus 2 $1.00 e-coupons, so -.49!)
6 More boxes Kleenex $2.97 (minus .50)
1 loaf bread .99
8 pack of Energizer batteries $4.99 (minus $1.00 e-coupon)

paid $20 (used my $3 catalina but got another)

Then, I bought 3 more Kleenex and a Covergirl face makeup on clearance for $1.79. I forgot to give the .50 off coupon, so I paid $1.76 and got another $3 catalina

Then, I bought 4 bottles of Lysol toilet cleaner. It is $1.50 a piece right now if you buy 4. Since it is usually almost $4 for one, I decided to stock up. I used 3 $.75 off coupons from the paper, and I got a canister of Clorox wipes which I had a free coupon for. That took off $3.69 instead of $3.00, so I used my $3 catalina and paid somewhere around .50

I spent a total of $23 (whole dollars)

So I have $108 left for the month!

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