Sunday, October 25, 2009

Super Soda Deal

So, I left the house this morning to get some papers, and stop into Albertsons.

I left with $5 and came home with $2.....

I bought:

3 packages of Reser's hash browns ($2, minus $1 coupon and not available anymore)

2 Tony's Pizzas ($1.79 minus $1/2 and double)

16 2 Liters of Sierra Mist and Dr. Pepper

All of this was at Albertsons...I also used a $2 coupon from doing a customer service survey (they print on the bottom of your reciept)

The pop deal is this (and I saw it at more than one Albertsons)

2 Liters are $1. They have coupons on the Sierra Mist for .50 off, and Dr. Pepper for .55 off. If you double them, they are free! I am definately going back tomorrow or Tuesday for more, if I can find somewhere to put it.

I also stopped into Safeway and got a box of Wheat Thins for $1.47, and a Deli Creations sandwhich marked down to .79. I used a $2 off Wheat Thins coupon from Kraft First Taste (its a website you have to sign up for).

I spent $6 yesterday on some stuff from Fred Meyer that is not on sale anymore, so I won't bore you with it.

I am negative $3 on my budget now. I should send off that rebate so I won't be negative.

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